About the Author: Dominic Matte

Dominic Matte is a gamer, writer, artist, and general nerd who hopes to be paid for those things in the future. He has a moderately useless liberal arts degree in English. He's been playing Dungeons & Dragons for ten years, starting with 3rd edition, moving to 3.5, and has invested the most time and money into 4th.

Dominic's writing interests include short stories, game reviews and articles, and custom Dungeons & Dragons rules content. He also runs and writes Post-Launch Reviews, a video game review blog.

He would love to work in a creative role in game development (writing and ideas!) or to run his own game store with lots of community events for both video games and tabletop games.

This is the first time Dominic has written an "About the Author" section in the third person, and wonders if he should include anything else.

Dominic currently lives in Toronto, Canada.