Thursday, 24 January 2013

Labyrinth of the Last Emperor

Dominic Matte
As promised in my previous post, The Maze with the Invulnerable Guardian, here's a Dropbox link to the full dungeon write-up. No room maps, though. Sorry.

Maps are reposted below for convenience.

If you're not interested in reading (or re-reading) the other post, here's a quick explanation on how to use the maze map.

Print out the maze full-size - it's about 6 inches, so you'll need just one sheet of paper. 

Cut a small hole (pencil width or so) in the middle of another piece of paper. You'll want this second sheet to be thick enough so you can't see the maze through the paper.
Lay the sheet with the hole in it over the maze, so you can just see the walls of a small area through the hole. This prevents the players from seeing the entire maze at once, forcing them to experience the maze more like their characters actually would
If the players decide to leave marks in the maze to show where they've been (with chalk or something), let them use a pencil to leave marks on the maze. But don't present it as an option; simply allow it if they come up with the idea themselves.

There you go! Have fun.

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