Saturday, 16 March 2013

CWNN: the Cyfandir Wizard News Network

Dominic Matte

My current game is set on a huge continent - about 3500 miles across. I wanted to keep my players up to date on events happening across the world, such as developing wars, but at such a large scale that it can take months to travel to another country, I needed a faster way for news to spread than word-of-mouth. 

Fortunately there's plenty of magic in D&D.

The Cyfandir Wizard News Network, or CWNN, has its main office in Chalybs (a large city-state). The founder of CWNN, Filivus Mountainface, is a skilled and charismatic goliath (half-giant) wizard known for his craggily handsome looks and absurdly massive nose. Mountainface is a graduate of Chalybs University who created and perfected an illusion ritual that allows the “recording” of a sequence of illusions. It's sort of a magical fusion of animation and video recording: one can capture or create footage of events, but the quality of the illusion depends greatly on the ability of the caster. 

CWNN uses this ritual to record and broadcast weekly news reports in the capital cities of the many nations. The various wizards share information with each other via rituals, and each city's “director” (lead wizard casting the ritual and guiding the performance) and “anchor” (an actor used as a visual focus to convey information) work together with "news casters" (wizards who help cast the ritual) to “record” the weekly news broadcast. There are other sources of news, and CWNN is not always 100% reliable, but it's the main source of news across the continent.

And since this was all kind of funny and anachronistic anyway, Filivus Mountainface is perhaps best known for his broadcast-closing catchphrase: "If you don't like it, you can take it up with my face!".

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