Thursday, 4 September 2014

Recommended Media

I have been out of the D&D racket for some time, away on a quest to increase my skill points in Space Engineering, but I have come across two sources of media which I think are worth passing on. The first is Tabletop Audio and the second is the Critical Hit podcast. This will be a short post with my thoughts on how these two pieces of media can help you with your RPG adventures!
Dallas Kasaboski

A friend recently recommended Tabletop Audio as something which could help enhance the roleplaying experience. After checking it out, I'd have to agree. Tabletop Audio is a website which provides ambient background noise and music to help set the tone of your roleplaying games. The site features 50 different loops of audio, ranging in theme from superheros, goblin caves, swampland, to starship bridge, steampunk, and space. Each piece of audio runs for 10 minutes, can be set to repeat, and multiple audio loops can be queued in succession. The ambiance is perfect, and I'm even using it to write this post right now! I cannot wait for the next time I play D&D, as I will suggest using this website to add depth to the scene and allow our imaginations to go even deeper into the universe we're in!

The second piece of media is the Critical Hit podcast. Recommended to me years ago by another avid D&D player, I hadn't taken the time to check it out until very recently. The podcast is close to celebrating their 6 year anniversary and is still going strong, having published their 264th episode recently. Each podcast is about 1-2 hours long and features the adventures of 4 players and 1 dungeon master as they explore the nuances of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons and the world their DM has created. The show combines serious analysis of the game's mechanics, along with the very best of serious and silly roleplaying. I have found listening to the podcast to be a great experience as it has reminded me of the good times I've had playing D&D and given me ideas for the future. The story is compelling, and the characters become more and more interesting as the story unfolds. If you are thinking about getting into podcasts, and prefer something a little less than purely academic, I recommend Critical Hit.

And that's it! I'm hoping to get back into D&D soon, but it is always tough coordinating the schedules of the party. Hopefully, we'll have some more of The Long Game coming soon! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. For audio, I've recently had Ambient Mixer recommended to me. It's more involved and you'll probably have to edit most of the user-generated mixes a bit to fit a D&D game, but you can also build from scratch with up to 8 audio files and individually set their volume and frequency, including a customizable random option.