Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Horizon Black: Part II

When last we left our heroes, Alvyn, Tong, and Kalgar had questioned the odd book of knowledge in Tong's possession. This book, created through an arcane, Aesian ritual, was able to answer any question, given at least 10 people currently alive knew the answer. 

Our heroes have been traveling for years, learning more of the threats which face the world continent of Cyfandir. Through that time, they have made many enemies, and as our party neared Horizon Black, a deep-dark over-the-top secret base purportedly the stronghold of Aes' superweapons program, Alvyn, Tong, and Kalgar knew the real test had only begun.

Dallas Kasaboski

After a few days of smooth sailing, there, on the horizon was...Horizon Black.

It was a medium-sized island, surrounded by islands and shoals, with guard towers dotting their vision.

Lowering his spyglass, Kalgar walked to the port side of the ship. There, he saw his friend Tong zi Gong speaking to what could only be described as a dwarf made of mist.

"...and that's how you align your chakras." He said as the dwarf woman vanished in the wind. 

"Tong", Kalgar said. "Keep your senses attuned for that which remains hidden, unseen. We've already had people slip by us before. Not again."

Tong nodded, setting his vision upon the water. "I understand, and will ensure that my third eye remains open and vigilant."

Alvyn made his way up from below decks. "We there yet?"

Kalgar nodded.

As their fleet got closer, they could see more details. There were several patrol ships moving through the shoal. They were small, maneuverable, but Kalgar suspected that they may have heavy weapons to take out ships. On several of the nearest islands, they could now see gunnery towers, tall and foreboding.

Tong reached out with his senses, searching for threats.


Other than the psionic background noise of the ship and crew around him, and what he could sense of the ships ahead, Tong could sense nothing.

"I cannot sense anything yet. Just what we can see." he said. "Perhaps, we can use their tricks against them."

"How so?" Alvyn asked.

Tong reminded Kalgar and Alvyn of the ships hidden from view during their adventure at Deep Watch Bay. Through deep meditation, Tong theorized that he could obfuscate the Shockrosia using his abilities, aided by his Iounian disciples.

"Wow, that would be amazing!" Alvyn said.

"Yes, but it would tax me. I would be unfit for much else after." the monk added.

"No. It is a good idea, but we cannot have you resting. Stealth or not, we cannot avoid this fight for long." Kalgar added.

"Yeah Tong, it's a good backup plan, but let's hold off on that." Alvyn added. "We need to find a route in, with the least resistance."

"Dwight!" Kalgar called.

"Yes, Commodore." the young Lieutenant responded.

"Circle the fleet, we'll keep our distance for now. Get Haymitch here, we're making a plan."

"Aye, aye!"

Lieutenant Haymitch arrived from below decks. He brought over a crate and set it in front of Alvyn.

"Alright. We need to draw their attention away." the gnome began, roughly drawing the shoals and dotting the paper with towers.

Kalgar leaned in, grabbed the pencil and started drawing intersecting circles. "That marks the towers' range of vision."

"Perfect." Alvyn said. "Now, we tend to do things alone, so we need to find a way in, I!" 

"But there are so many ships, surely they'll see us!" Tong said.

"Not if we draw them away." Alvyn added, grinning. "Kalgar, keep your fleet out here, keeping their distance, but aggravating the towers. That should draw the ships. Then, we circle through here, maybe coming against a few towers on the way."

"Frogmen." Haymitch added.

"What?" Kalgar said.

"My frogmen can get off the Shockrosia here, and here. Take out the towers before the ship sails through and picks us up."

"Nice. Good. That works." Alvyn added, nodding in approval. "Plus, Kalgar, use your horn, we'll draw fog." 

Suddenly, Alvyn started laughing.

"What is it?" Tong asked.

"What does your book say about who runs Horizon Black?" Alvyn asked.

Tong consulted his Book of Knowing. The blank pages filled with swirling text which settled upon the following: Angrimich Shivi Commander, human, Admiral Katakale.

"Ah, useless. I don't know this person. Do you know him, Kalgar? Or his tactics?"

"Never heard of him."

Alvyn thought about it and realized something odd; Tong's book did not give a last name. He shook his head; his death book, his magic artifact would not work.

Kalgar called Dwight over and gave him his orders.

And so they began!

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