Friday, 9 March 2012


Dominic Matte
Welcome to D4sign, a Dungeons & Dragons blog.

The mission of this blog is to explore D&D game design, specifically 4th edition. There'll be a wide range of posts and articles -- I personally will write posts ranging from optional rules and tweaks to monster and encounter design to overall game and campaign design as a whole, but the other contributors are free to write on whatever they want. This means that the blog will likely end up mostly dungeon master-oriented in terms of the kinds of resources and discussions that will appear, but there will be player-oriented content as well.

You may have noticed the image in the top right corner of the post -- I'm hoping to recruit some other authors, and the image and caption will let you know who's posting the article.

I'll be experimenting with page design and layout as more posts appear. I want to use labels to full advantage, but I'm not yet totally sure of the optimal way to tag and organize things. At the very least, there will be "DM" and "Player" tags, so that you can filter posts based on what kind of material you're looking for. I'll probably also have tags for categories such as rules, encounters, campaign, etc if you're a DM looking for specific ideas or resources. I'd also like to tag each post with its author, so you can follow posts by each author individually if you so choose.

Of course, comments are enabled, and feedback is always welcome. If feedback results in improvement of an idea, revisions will be posted, because there's no reason not to make things better.

I know I'm going to have fun with this, and hopefully you will too.

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