Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dice Stacking Like A Pro

Alright.  Lets talk dice.

The game’s been going for almost two hours.  You’re waiting for your turn to come up in the initiative so you can lay the smackdown on those filthy orcs. Your drink is empty.  You’ve had your fill of cheetos.
What do you do?

You do what every player does when they’re bored.  You stack dice.  So, tip time.

You want to start with your stable, common polygons on the bottom.  D6 is a beaut for your foundation.  A cube.  Doesn’t get much better than that for stability.  After that, it’s finally your d12’s time to shine.  If you’ve never played a barbarian or an avenger, you probably won’t even recognize it, but it’s a lovely little thing.  Twelve nice large sides, plenty of stability, and great for your second stage. 

Now things start to get interesting.  You’ve only got five dice left, and none of them have that nice bilateral symmetry we’re really looking for and a large enough surface to support another stage.  It’s going to be risky.  It’s going to be harrowing.  But you’re tough.  Trust your dice.  You can do this.

Your next big gun is the d8.  The fighter’s standby.  She’s a little sideways when she’s facing up, but all the sides are nice and large.  After that, the twins are raring to go. Your d10s are like puzzle pieces, fitting together just so near the top of your mighty spire. Try and alternate the direction of the points, otherwise you risk winding up with a leaning tower of dice-za.  And you don’t want to be the player who interrupts the whole round with a huge clattering of figure-knocking dice hurling across the table. 

Okay.  Huddle up.  It’s decision time.  Do you want height?  Or do you want style? If you’re a traditionalist, throw your d20 on there, and cap it all off with your d4.  It makes a nice point, and let’s face it.  It wasn’t going to fit anywhere else.  Be careful, this puppy is about as stable as Christian Bale’s temper during filming.  One wrong touch and BAM.  You’re fishing dice out from under the fridge.

However, if you’re feeling stylin’, 21’s century, hip and cool, then try this kids at home.  Pop your d4 on top of those noble tens.  You’ll lose on height but gain on stability.  Now, borrow a d20 from the player next to you.  What?  They’re not up in initiative till after you anyway.  Shh.  They don’t have to know.  Now pop those icosahedrons next to each other at the base, and voila!

lol it looks like a wang
You’ve created a Dice Cock.  Congratulations. 
Aren’t you proud of yourself.  You’re a credit to your people. 

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