Monday, 9 April 2012

Metagaming: Dealing With It The Polite Way

Dominic Matte
In an earlier article I talked about what metagaming is, and as promised, this is the first article with how to deal with it. This is just a quick one on how to deal with metagaming out-of-game by addressing your players directly. In other words, let's get the boring friendly stuff out of the way first.

If one or more players are metagaming, much of the time you can deal with it with a simple "your character doesn't know that". This is probably the best method if they're not intentionally metagaming or don't realize or remember that their character doesn't know certain information (such as "hit that guy first, he's just a minion").

If you have a player who's a recurring problem with metagaming, the best option is probably to take them aside and politely inform them that you'd like them to stick with what the characters know, because it's causing you a little trouble as a DM or because it's bad for the players' immersion. Unless the player is a total jerk, they'll understand and try to stop. And if you're playing with a total jerk, you have bigger problems than one person metagaming.

And that's pretty much it. Like I said, this is just a short article to deal with players directly. Keep an eye out for the much more interesting articles on how to subvert metagaming expectations within the game.

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